MoneyBlaster 25: $9.99 - 25% Split Sale Position - 1 Year Buy-In - 25% Discount

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Money Blast Me!
Cost: $9.99
What you get: 25% Split
Any sales made with your 25% MoneyBlaster discount coupon promo code for one year.

This includes AccountBlaster sales as well as subsequent MoneyBlaster Sale Position sales. Start your own income stream! Money Blast Me!
Money Blast Me!
For Example:
You sign up for MoneyBlaster, it sends you your own personal promo discount code. This does two things. It is a discount code and it ties purchases to you for payouts. This is a discount code for 25% off anything. You give this to people so they can obtain the 25% discount. Any sale made using your discount code PAYS YOU 25% of that sale. You make 25% of any sale made with your promo code. This means you can give out your code, and make money. The people you give your code to can make money, but that's not all. On top of that you will ALSO get 75% of 25% of everything in turn THEY sell and so on. There is a 25% split with this promocode. You receive 25% of any sales made with your code, they get 25% off anything with that code.

List price: $9.99
Price: $9.99