Top Work Priority List

Edit 2017-05-29:Going to start working on it again soon. Edit 2017-04-20: I'm bumping the name jumpy thing ahead of BH Baby-Beeversi bug - but that will be soon after. Those two are the main problems right now - luckily neither one is very critical. The BH Baby bug appears critical but actually isn't: I'm pretty sure it happens when It doesn't distinguish priority between moves (strategy-wise) so it's selecting randomly. Javascript makes one move and php server code selects another which overrides javascript's selection so it 'goes back on its move' and does appear to leave illegal configurations although what's registered isn't actually illegal - anyways it looks critical and isnt - it is high priority on the list but I think facebook name jumpiness is a little more obvious and critical so i'm going to fix that first then do the game bug.-arlon 2017-04-20

Essential Features which used to work to repair first:

  1. Challenge - doesn't 'go to the game' afterward it glitches out - fix first fixed 2017-01-02 6:50pm pst
  2. theme switch - doesn't work fixed 2017-01-02 7:25pm pst
  3. acme lever wasn't actually broken, i just assumed it was since themes were 2017-01-02 7:27pm pst
  4. online players page - doesn't work fixed 2017-01-02 7:40pm pst
  5. active players page - doesn't work fixed 2017-01-02 7:52pm pst
  6. top ranked player page - doesnt work fixed 2017-01-02 7:59pm pst
  7. invite page only sometimes works...working on thisFIXED 8/27/2017
  8. BH Baby doesn't behave you have to dig out your challenge from it's page although this could just be the challenge not working bug it was, fixing challenge fixed this marked done @ 2017-01-02 8:14pm pst
  9. BH Baby has a bug in gameplay of Beeversi - I saw it - something during gameplay caused the javascript page rendered to not match with the actual requested move - game pieces were wonky for a second until I refreshed. This is quite common during regular gameplay with BH Baby it's almost as if he's going back on his moves - It looks like the end move is legal but he goes back and redoes it . . . so its super common so i'll be able to track it down. It happens during a one - game play with BH Baby and the online checkbox 'ON'-line-TOP PRIORITY to be fixed soonFIXED 8/27/2017
-------------End of 'Used to work, needs to be repaired' list -------
--------------next: existing features that need improvement:-----------
  • fb name recall - don't keep getting the names repeatedly from facebook - just get them one time as needed. - I actually remember making this like this on purpose - it's actually a feature, not a bug - the idea - the reasoning behind it was that - someone could 'change their name' at any second which is indeed a reality. So while there is reasoning behind it - facebook doesn't even ALLOW me to keep asking them what people's names are - it only lets a few go through every so often and then it cuts off the requests sending instead a denied message so sortof a catch 22. Unfortunately the responsiveness for people changing their facebook name and having it update right away in the game will i guess have to go awayFIXED 09/08/2017

--------------------Future Essential Features-----------
  • checkbox for 'enable ranking' and other dubiously processor intensive features
  • other game types
  • other ranking algorithms: Glicko II specifically



My new accounting program is now up at for anyone to try out and use for doing their finances/keeping track of transactions/accounts... it has SBR's lightning, and sound effects too. As soon as it's c/c system is up for the paid version, probably the next couple of days here I hope, then next I will fix SBR challenge bug todo item #1, listed above!

One down, challenge works better now.!!

It looks like it could use some higher resolution with a lot of ties I see. So maybe if the point reward increases/decreases with the initial difference in ranks then. First I'm going to fix the bug in BH Baby, and fix the name jumpiness in the activity bar and then I'll touch up the ranking system, also give it a toggle, I think that is a good priority of next updates. I'm skipping invite page problems #7 above for now anyway.


These comments require all core features so essentially posting this demonstrates all core functionality ie ya at very least you could write in move coords here ha Ha no I think its still registering the latest SSL cert..... But then why does it work here? Anyways, I will figure it out. -arlon

OK so I guess the SSL cert expired Friday. I didn't even notice at first because I was using g the game via which for some reason remained functioning but regular players turned up missing I think like Friday or Saturday which tipped me off by Sunday I had realized what was happening and called in to get the bill played to fix it so I did and - but that is right when it stopped working at my end - but these comments still work!? Ok so I'm not sure yet, but, at least posting these comments proves it will definitely be resurrectable




I'm sortof baffled but i'll figure it out

or they will break your game if you apply to go to F8. I took that line out.... I could be wrong but it sure seems like thats what happened, anyways it works again now. (that I took that line out)

//never say this:
try{ // there exists an authenticated logged in fb user
$user_profile = $facebook->api('/me');
}catch(FacebookApiException $error_thrown){
error_log('line (whatever) file:(whatever): '.$error_thrown);
//old test code i originally got from FB docs i just had to comment out...

it happened to me one time after the day i 'fixed' it (wouldnt load) . .. let me know anyone if it's still not loading . . . i'll go back through it again pretty soon when i get some more time . . . .

Fixes for the other pages (one I found in particular probably but not sure) must have fixed the BH Baby bug because it's working now without fixing that specifically. There's still a bug in piece flipping if you're watching a game with someone against bh baby but thats different i'm pretty sure, I can't get the BH Baby bug to happen anymore so I think it's fixed. Just now I fixed the activity network renderer accessible by hitting 'more' on the 'invite' page and I had fixed the problem with it not showing up sometimes a while back too.

Everything listed here is done except the future features, future game types, future ranking types list. All the bugs listed on this page are now patched.
Except there is a new one not listed thats similar to the B.H. baby bug listed - if you have piece flipping turned on and are watching a game with someone else against the peices flip wrong. but not if peice flipping isn't enabled (the animation - the acme lever) and only if you're watching someone else play B.H. Baby as far as I know is the only time it happens. So, good news most of the bugs are patched!