latest change - possible ill side effects

just now i found and fixed an obscure bug where *sometimes if you hit 'online' nothing happens, you have to *try again** so I thought that was annoying because it happened every so often, just *didnt go online* when you hit 'online' so i figured out where it was - where I could patch it. So I did. It seems to work - except for one thing - one of the first moves I made with this version seemed to *knock me offline*. but I couldn't repeat it so let me know if this happens I can always roll it back if it's an issue and find the issue and fix it - I think it's good just sayin if it kicks you offline for any move let me know it could be a thing i need to fix. I will notice I'm sure ... Not expecting anything per se but it did seem like that happened once.


I dont think it was a bug i think the checkbox was checked and i was just under the impression that it wasn't. i was just testing games i had probably unchecked the box already and forgotten i unchecked it i bet... We'll see.....