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Just now i made a change to the core responder of the program which turns out to have been spinning out past where it needed! Stuff was happening on the server, looping, that didnt need to! Due to a feature I had added, long polling. I fixed it. Sortof a happy - medium now . It does still loop at the server - five times - if no updates are needed. This slows down the back - and - forth pulse without slowing down the mechanism if something changes the new data gets posted - but it checks back in every five times now starting - right now.

Top Work Priority List

Edit 2017-05-29:Going to start working on it again soon. Edit 2017-04-20: I'm bumping the name jumpy thing ahead of BH Baby-Beeversi bug - but that will be soon after. Those two are the main problems right now - luckily neither one is very critical. The BH Baby bug appears critical but actually isn't: I'm pretty sure it happens when It doesn't distinguish priority between moves (strategy-wise) so it's selecting randomly.


SBR Status - Plans - History - Future - Explanation - !!!

Hi, In 2013? My hosting account or the sbr code or the internet or the NSA or net 2.0 neutrality or AT&T or Comcast or Aliens or something caused ....

Welcome to Discuss

Welcome to Discuss

Here you can discuss whatever you want especially with regard to SBR, bug notes, feature requests, etc

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