Down for forever

I know it's been down for forever, the Facebook API is giving me a hard time - but I've been putting some time into it lately, now that I've got some more time after finishing school, to get it back up again, whatever it takes, so I have high hopes. I'll post of course and let everyone know if and when I get it going again. Thank you everyone for all your awesome games and patience. -Arlon

Fix For Page - Use HTTPS

I just noticed this morning the lower 'Discuss' link loads the page without https which breaks it (this discussion page) - I don't have time to fix the link at the moment - I will this weekend - to use this page just load it with https or use the green Discuss link at the top of the SBR page.

August 2019 Status

One reason I like programming is how fast you can make a program and see the results and fix it if there are problems. The nook of the program I have been working on for the past several months has been one button: the facebook Logout button. I can only test it once a day, if that, because I am testing how it works after it doesn't work anymore. For whatever reason the token expires hours after you load the page, so log out works right away but not later. So that's what I'm testing. Making it work later, but I have to wait until later every time to test it.

June 2019

I have rebuilt the core facebook interface from the most recent facebook docs I could find and have been integrating the game back into this new mini-framework for it I made, so a brand new version that will have the latest facebook interface is coming out soon. I think facebook restricted the app a few months back because of new player bugs which I have fixed since then. Functionality-wise this won't change anything, at first, but it will ensure more close adherence to facebook's recommended interface usage and help the overall coherance for future growth.

Open Discussion

Discuss whatever you want!

If the page doesn't auto-log you in try just refresh F5.

April 2019

Top Favorites To fix next

  1. Links for Active Players menu for long id players (latest player) is still a bug (i'm fixing it now - known fix - quote the long ids)Fixed 201904120141
  2. the bouncy comments box is super annoying. I used to always play without the checkbox checked and now when i play with it checked i cant believe how bouncy the comments make it! I'm going to confine them.Fixed 201904201711 - I didn't confine them, I fixed it by putting a div with height next to it to keep the height while it re-loads. I don't think this is the final fix but it's better than it was, the page does't scroll back up now (at least on my screen anyway) when a new move shows up. (Feedback welcome)

  3. Top ranked players has an extraneous page 4 for no apparent reason
  4. Red error at the top of discuss - presumably drupal needs php 7
  5. Facebook complaints - presumably too many or wrong kind of api calls somewhere + fresh fb login interface

I think fixing #5 is simultaneously the fix for #4 because the my latest framework is with PHP 7 so I will work on either #3 or #5 next (#3 is quick but more boring and less important, I may do it first or just wait until after #5).

Facebook, NSA, Snowden, and a funny error I cant seem to get rid of coming from the FB JS . . .

Facebook makes your app specify what permissions it has, and, as specified in SBR's privacy policy, SBR requests only the barebones minimum to get your name and profile pic, since they show up in the game. So the SBR game permissions just say 'public_profile', that's it. I think it's going to need the friends list too, for invites, but that's not even in there at this time, I don't think invites even work right now.


I have not actually modified Super Bomb Reversi for some time but I have been programming like a fiend overall. Since SBR was first completed I have built AccountBlaster which is ground breaking, major additions to my appraisal software suite I utilize for work AppraisalBlaster, CompBlaster and a generalized web album generating program I made for generating a complete website WebBlaster - more recently a pure facebook login interface made to help me finally lock in the foundations of Super Bomb Reversi's facebook login interface - all of these programs use the same languages as SBR (Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL), with SBR paradigms in mind and the future of SBR in mind, and they are all mostly complete now, most notably my facebook login interface paradigm program which demonstrates simply and on a core level and in a template-able way, how to interface with the facebook login interface correctly. If you read the facebook docs these days it's not that bad anymore actually. That's what I would actually say if you were making an app, just read the docs on Facebook Javascript (You don't really need the php back end as much as some research may lead you to think, the php is fairly minimal really, it all is, once you sort through it.) Originally the docs were minimal and the web led you the way, but it became scrambled, and I got lost in the various techniques but I have it all sorted through now in 2019.

So anyways my point is that I am going to be improving this in a good way again sooner than later I think. I also have made a framework for myself that is made for lightening frameworks by lazy loading only the necessary features as needed which could allow for building onto SBR without making load time or any core features slower, and could allow separation of existing features to make it faster. Yes of course I call this BlastBlaster.

Another thing I figured out, just yesterday or the day before was why my Knoppix computer logged in differently from my windows computer - it was just because I had to go into the chrome settings and de-select 'block 3rd party cookies' in the cookies setting.(Google Chrome>settings>advanced>privacy and security>content settings>cookies>block 3rd party cookies>off) That let it automatically log in like my windows computer does.

Hot Topic - Biggest Bug

This might be obsolete:

Fixing the name bug was good because I knew it was there - but it hid from me after I saw it - and then finally got to find out why, with the fix, when it came back this time. (see discussion comments on name bug fixes.) (2019-this can still happen sometimes - will fix)

Next up is:
Fixing the 'Lightning-Nav-Your-Turn-unnecessary-jump-back to-not-your-turn-game-bug' (2019-I am not sure this happens anymore, fixing something else may have fixed this inadvertently)

yes i see whats going on with the names i'll fix it

the names started disappearing after migrating to the better server new computer
i'm amazed thats ALL that happened, we got lucky
i'll have it fixed in the next couple days here
its funny because there was a known bug in the names for new players i was going to work on anyway but now we're all .... disappearing . . haha i'll fix it soon

its not critical either, everything's all there in the database - and, I copied it all (database tables) this morning to my own computer for b/u so nothing can get lost


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