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I have not actually modified Super Bomb Reversi for some time but I have been programming like a fiend overall. Since SBR was first completed I have built AccountBlaster which is ground breaking, major additions to my appraisal software suite I utilize for work AppraisalBlaster, CompBlaster and a generalized web album generating program I made for generating a complete website WebBlaster - more recently a pure facebook login interface made to help me finally lock in the foundations of Super Bomb Reversi's facebook login interface - all of these programs use the same languages as SBR (Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL), with SBR paradigms in mind and the future of SBR in mind, and they are all mostly complete now, most notably my facebook login interface paradigm program which demonstrates simply and on a core level and in a template-able way, how to interface with the facebook login interface correctly. If you read the facebook docs these days it's not that bad anymore actually. That's what I would actually say if you were making an app, just read the docs on Facebook Javascript (You don't really need the php back end as much as some research may lead you to think, the php is fairly minimal really, it all is, once you sort through it.) Originally the docs were minimal and the web led you the way, but it became scrambled, and I got lost in the various techniques but I have it all sorted through now in 2019.

So anyways my point is that I am going to be improving this in a good way again sooner than later I think. I also have made a framework for myself that is made for lightening frameworks by lazy loading only the necessary features as needed which could allow for building onto SBR without making load time or any core features slower, and could allow separation of existing features to make it faster. Yes of course I call this BlastBlaster.

Another thing I figured out, just yesterday or the day before was why my Knoppix computer logged in differently from my windows computer - it was just because I had to go into the chrome settings and de-select 'block 3rd party cookies' in the cookies setting.(Google Chrome>settings>advanced>privacy and security>content settings>cookies>block 3rd party cookies>off) That let it automatically log in like my windows computer does.

Status and Objectives

The reason I have not 'told everyone to come play' yet (not that other people can't, feel free to get a couple more friends in on it, but play at your own risk please:) is because there is one more critical bug I want to address and fix, this is piece flipping+lightning nav+offline=incorrectly shown pieces = very very bad - so that has to get fixed first - then [FIXED 11-11-2017] I think there are one or two bugs in lightning nav+offline which cause occasional navigation jumping glitches - so I want to address those, fix them, and there may be one left

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