Status and Objectives

The reason I have not 'told everyone to come play' yet (not that other people can't, feel free to get a couple more friends in on it, but play at your own risk please:) is because there is one more critical bug I want to address and fix, this is piece flipping+lightning nav+offline=incorrectly shown pieces = very very bad - so that has to get fixed first - then [FIXED 11-11-2017] I think there are one or two bugs in lightning nav+offline which cause occasional navigation jumping glitches - so I want to address those, fix them, and there may be one left with BH Baby, but I also think it's just the piece flipping bug, so thats the last major problem I see, to [I am pretty sure it was - FIXED 11-11-2017] get rid of all the main flaws. There are a few other obscure problems I've written down as well but those are the top ones I plan on addressing next. Since the piece flipping one can cause some critical problems I consider it needing to be fixed [FIXED 11-11-2017] before I tell everyone about the game again.

Brief history: game made available in 2010 with a rough beginning bug-wise - at first it had serious navigation issues flashing between boards - so version 2 fixed that, later that year, and again a version 3 and 4 of the framework it uses gave it a pretty solid core underworking so more and more only the end pages need to get changed as the game gets added to. Several times facebook api interface has changed, breaking features and making game play awkward. In 2014 I think it was, an obscure hosting related response-dropping bug (turned out to be facebook api problems after all!) turned into an unexpected hosting account shutdown causing minor database data lossage and a complete temporary give-up of the entire project. I personally was just beginning a new home real estate appraisal business and could not afford the time to fix the combined issues. Finally encouragement from players brought the game back in its roughest form and we played it broken for several months because of facebook api mods the game wasn't ready for. Finally I got those patched not too long ago and we've been playing it for a few months now with no big problems other than the ones I've listed. I've been documenting and prioritizing everything and adding to the expansion capabilities so as soon as I get time to hammer out the rest of the bugs I will have something I can easily add on to as well.

Requested player features I also would like to address will be increased capability player stats and advanced analytics, alternate and improved ranking system(s) and additional game types. It will also be fun to add more AI robots to it.

So right now everything's working except for the bug in piece flipping (you can always turn off the acme lever and be completely immune) and [FIXED 11-11-2017] the glitches in lighting nav+offline so I will get to those and then it will be in its next phase of development. Until then feel free to use the program in the form it's in all you want! And if you run across any problems feel free to post them here! Suggestions as well! Game features, whatever you want you can put it down here and I will take note and I may be able to add custom features depending on what the requests are.

Thanks for playing! -Arlon and Fang


I figured it was the top problem item so I found where it was and I think I know how to fix it right away but for the moment - I just now turned it off - and return piece flipping. Better to lose half a feature than to have a bug where someone could make a mistake. I think I figured out how to fix it completely though so I might have it fixed in a minute lets see.

Right away in the code I can see there is a huge flaw of logic it assumes only one move has been made and that only one direction needs to be flipped so I just need to correct that logic hopefully.

If you've had the page open you'd have to 'refresh' for the patch.

I fixed it, there is no longer a piece flipping bug!! I do not think there are any more critical bugs! But I want to make sure, and check on the lightning nav bugs too, and see what the next biggest problems are.

one computer we have had game facebook face icons too big - fixed just now.

I had an idea for ranking, because, although the ranking system seems to work overall, pretty good actually, I find myself 'checking it' by going through and seeing player's win ratios. For example, comparing my wins against another player, you can see, it's fairly obvious by looking at the game history between players who has a higher skill level because of the win ratio. And you can see skill changes too, it seems like because the win ratio will change at the beginning of the list compared to the end of the list sometimes. I see myself go from losing every single game to winning a few here and there so I must be getting a little better at least. So it (Braveheart Baby) could go through and get all the win ratios, weighted by most recent games, and then I guess sort the players by win ratio or something maybe I guess. Definitely sounds like a second ranking type option. Also Glicko II ranking system has been suggested and that is still a plan too.

comments box causes flashiness if not scrolled down a bit

last week ehost (hosting provider) turned into justhost. Thats why they dropped the ball on the SSL for the day last week, their systems were different, and they needed babying from me to make it work again. So this week i find out this new hosting company justhost wont let you point subsequent domains to folders more than two levels deep. This is a deal breaker for this hosting company because a) it shows they are imposing needless limitations b) a folder hierarchy is important i do not need to go into why they are there for a very very good reason. So I will be getting a new hosting provider, JustHost just doesnt cut it. That is definitely a deal breaker. SBR won't go down, i'll find the new provider first. Any suggestions this would be a great time for a hosting provider recommendation (or sponsor!)