super bomb reversi

August 2019 Status

One reason I like programming is how fast you can make a program and see the results and fix it if there are problems. The nook of the program I have been working on for the past several months has been one button: the facebook Logout button. I can only test it once a day, if that, because I am testing how it works after it doesn't work anymore. For whatever reason the token expires hours after you load the page, so log out works right away but not later. So that's what I'm testing. Making it work later, but I have to wait until later every time to test it.

June 2019

I have rebuilt the core facebook interface from the most recent facebook docs I could find and have been integrating the game back into this new mini-framework for it I made, so a brand new version that will have the latest facebook interface is coming out soon. I think facebook restricted the app a few months back because of new player bugs which I have fixed since then. Functionality-wise this won't change anything, at first, but it will ensure more close adherence to facebook's recommended interface usage and help the overall coherance for future growth.

Status and Objectives: Simplified

1) Fix:one or two bugs in lightning nav+offline which cause occasional navigation jumping glitches
2) Invite people and encourage invites
3) Correct each and every bug and maintain bug free operation - only a few minor non-critical bugs left in the current feature set
4) Monitor and improve scalability
5) Add features, game types, ranking types, more robots
6) Branch into alternate entry points - other game sites with the same player base (create a preference for maintaining a narrowed player base for original players if desired?)
7) Also considering having sponsored players for name recognition and player base expansion - also getting sponsors for SBR
8) Utilizing income from AccountBlaster, MoneyBlast.ME, MoneyBlast.US and Santa Cruz Web Factory to promote and build SBR.
9) Play Games.

Status and Objectives

The reason I have not 'told everyone to come play' yet (not that other people can't, feel free to get a couple more friends in on it, but play at your own risk please:) is because there is one more critical bug I want to address and fix, this is piece flipping+lightning nav+offline=incorrectly shown pieces = very very bad - so that has to get fixed first - then [FIXED 11-11-2017] I think there are one or two bugs in lightning nav+offline which cause occasional navigation jumping glitches - so I want to address those, fix them, and there may be one left

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