Hot Topic - Biggest Bug

Fixing the name bug was good because I knew it was there - but it hid from me after I saw it - and then finally got to find out why, with the fix, when it came back this time. (see discussion comments on name bug fixes.)

Next up is:
Fixing the 'Lightning-Nav-Your-Turn-unnecessary-jump-back to-not-your-turn-game-bug'

I'm not 100% sure how to describe it, but that will come with finding it: right now what I have is:

I think it's when you load a page and de-hit the online check box so your 'your turn' games are loaded but you're not 'online'
Then you go to another computer and play your games.
Then you come back to the other computer and play more games but it keeps jumping back to the games that were already played.
Because it thinks it's 'your turn' because you played them through on another computer.
There might be an easier way to replicate it I'm hoping. It seems like I see it happen all the time.
This will be the next fix - lightning nav bug not your turn jump back bug - and I think this may be the last major functionality bug, if I'm not mistaken. Please feel free to comment on any problems notes suggestions comments ideas inspirations improvements and anything else worth noting especially with regards to replicating this bug if you come across it, or any other bugs you see. Thanks great games!


(Testing Comments)

Thanks JustHost, the new computer seems to be working great! I noticed because the games history pages used to be a lot slower, now you click and it goes right to stuff. Of course there is always going to be room for improvement codewise/efficiencywise but it's nice to see the computer picking up some of the slack for once!

But I will fix it . . .
(new player showing up with no name)

. . . . I will look into it . . .

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