yes i see whats going on with the names i'll fix it

the names started disappearing after migrating to the better server new computer
i'm amazed thats ALL that happened, we got lucky
i'll have it fixed in the next couple days here
its funny because there was a known bug in the names for new players i was going to work on anyway but now we're all .... disappearing . . haha i'll fix it soon

its not critical either, everything's all there in the database - and, I copied it all (database tables) this morning to my own computer for b/u so nothing can get lost


testing comments testing . . .testing

Its wierd the faces didnt go away the same day

You aren't really null i'm just were showing up as blank in the DB too . . . I deleted the blank names now we're null . . . . for a minute . . .

only if you arent refreshing then just I'm null

i might have it soon

something about new players - that is a different name bug - i will fix that next and the lightning nav bug

i could've sworn the faces were grey boxes one day last week

the only change to fix what was going on with the names was: a php5.ini file needed to be duplicated into a second directory where a php file was being called from. The file tells php what to load when it loads, a php file was being loaded from that directory, why it changed from the last server I am not sure, my guess is another php directive somewhere or an apache directive. The tipoff entry point to find the problem was that file_get_contents(fb_graph_api_url) was returning nothing because php was blocking it because allow_url_fopen was defaulting to 'off' for that directory since it didn't have it's own php5.ini file.

My initial guess is lack of finished game with another player illuminates a ranking bug that winds up affecting the names.

Indeed the bug is replicable with a new profile. Fixing . . .

I think . . . .

Not with regard to SBR - but with regard to Facebook - while fixing this bug, I signed on with some other profiles I have for development (Fang, Alfead Fertead, Algorandy Popovich, Steve Henderson, I have a bunch of them. Alfonze Ricktercopter...I don't even have them all written down) So I sign on with one of them, and facebook stops me and says I need to 'upload a picture of my FACE' so I try sending a picture of a goose we have (Henry) - but no go. Two of my profiles got locked out, I just said se la vie, I'm not sending face pictures to facebook!! Fang got lucky, Alfead Fertead got lucky, but there could be legit profiles out there that just don't want to 'upload a picture of their face'
I just thought I'd mention it. And to also specify, just so everyone knows, for sure: Arlon and Fang, etc (and nobody else in the game as far as I know) are not at all affiliated with FB in any way. We're just a real estate appraiser and a dog from Live Oak, Santa Cruz, California having fun making a game and playing it!! Thanks for all the great games everyone!!!

You can't get into the game with a locked out profile. I was testing out the name bug (or intending to) with the different profiles, and I couldn't get into it. I thought: 'Wow that is a very big bug I have some work to do, you can't even get in with some profiles!' Then when I visited 'facebook' ie not the game, just facebook - that's when it demanded a picture of my face and wound up locking me out of those profiles! So rude! It may even explain why people that normally play every day stopped playing on that same day. Some people may have been locked out! So rude Facebook! We're just trying to have fun, on the internet, a place where you normally do not specify what your face looks like to - it! That is crossing the line, facebook!

I'm a clay ball with sunglasses on leaf hair and a leaf nose, for sure

Who says I'm at home?
Who has a picture of themself handy just for facebook to get it's mits on?
What if I'm simply at a coffee shop - and there's not a picture of me there? I have to go home for this? Sorry guys I have to go home and upload a picture of my face to facebook because facebook wants to see what I look like.....this is madness. the computer does not get to wonder what I look like. EVER

Isaac Asimov already laid down the ground rules for this, a long time ago . . .

of time last moved so this is an easy fix . . .

order by moved_last desc

to one particular line of mysql that was getting fb-ids but not sorting them by moved last time so the big id's were going to the end. It had limit 50. I had noticed this a while back but while trying to fix it, at some point it mysteriously went away - because i was simultaneously clearing out the database, so I probably got down to under 50 records, effectively hiding the bug until there were 50 names ranked. Sorting by moved last with
order by moved_last desc
in the mysql makes it so the current players come to the top instead of the ones with the shortest id's which is just irrelevant. And when there are 50 online players it's set up to still work except that at that point facebook would limit the name retrieval. Anyways that aspect's fixed for now. Next is - there's a glitch if you arent in 'online' mode just clicking through games it will think one's stuck in 'your turn' mode even after you moved - causing an apparent navigation bug - so that will be the next fix.

(names should work now - fixed)

Will Fix (talking about empty names showing up for new players - can/will fix)