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Hi, In 2013? My hosting account or the sbr code or the internet or the NSA or net 2.0 neutrality or AT&T or Comcast or Aliens or something caused it to appear that my hosting account was not functioning properly. Actually back up one year. in 2012 The same thing happened. I called the hosting company and they go OH sorry and it was fixed that same day. In 2013 for whatever reason - they seemed helpful - but couldn't figure it out. According to my tests I needed a new hosting account. At the time I had lack of funds, lack of time, and also very significant was lack of knowing which hosting company to go with. I could have sworn the bill was paid until 2016 or something far in advance. Then all of a sudden after being broken/crippled/loosing requests and shutting down for 90 seconds at a time - the HOSTING account shut down entirely - I don' t have proof it was shut down while it was paid - and that was 3 years ago now at least - but needless to say I was not happy with the hosting company for not calling me to let me know it was expiring if that is what happened - and since I didn't have an alternative hosting company set up - and since I had absolutely no time to figure it out at the time and even if I did there was also lack of funds so I just let it go, a year and a half passed. Then in 2015 I think it was some loyal players encouraged me to bring it back! And so I made the leap spent some time picked a hosting account and it's working great! mostly. I - didn't finish migrating the code - pages are broken - I wanted to test the account out before I spent more time fixing it - and the reports for work jump in the way a lot - so its working right now - but only the core features. I will have the rest of the features repaired very soon. What is going right now is that the new hosting account is running a newer version of php and also a newer version of mysql. Newer to the point of breaking the old code in like hundreds of places - not horribly it just needs to be gone through - and it needs to be gone through anyways so it's fine. I have actually come miles with my javascript programming since this project began in 2010 especially in the past year through another project I've created - and I know the SBR framework is solid - it has some surface flaws which I will fix but I think the underlying principle of the framework's operation is rock solid and it just needs some fine tuning to perfect it - there's lots of stuff I can see right away - it keeps repeatedly getting names from facebook instead of just getting and knowing them. That is a big direct problem because facebook starts denying requests really quickly. And the problem's just not necessary, only an oversight on my part when I put that feature in. So thats a simple missing feature that will make it worlds better - then the stuff i know isn't working right now - theme changing's broken. Active Players, Online Players, Top ranked Player pages - broken. Acme lever might be broken i'm not sure. Um, what else - player pages work - you can get through the network of games through all the player pages right now - if you challenge someone such as braveheart baby and it doesn't show up? click on braveheart baby's name and then his top active game it will start working. Just a temporary workaround. I'll get the whole thing working great soon enough - one Idea I had in case there are major flaws in some of the code such as - I am concerned about some of the ranking algorithms causing problems on the server - so I may either de-activate stuff or - even better put a checkbox or something that says 'show rankings' that way they arent being calculated unless the player clicks that 'on'. Then if it start's breaking with ranking on or whatever we'll know that it is causing problems. so - I'm not fixing anything today because I have two reports this week - this mornings big accomplishment was getting this discussion page back up again!! that was an accomplishment, I'm glad it works. Thanks for playing everyone!! Feel free to post whatever you want! Bug notices, workarounds, feature requests, strategy tips, anything you want! I'll have the game fixed up perfect as soon as I can!!


This has been a test comment

As a consequence of the hosting account going down unexpectedly games that were being played were not saved. So now, when the same 'game number' gets created - comments can show up that were from games in the past that no longer exist....Noted....

Biggest bug I know of is if you turn on piece flipping and watch someone play a game with B.H. Baby the animation messes up how the pieces look.