things and now, improvements!!

Just now i made a change to the core responder of the program which turns out to have been spinning out past where it needed! Stuff was happening on the server, looping, that didnt need to! Due to a feature I had added, long polling. I fixed it. Sortof a happy - medium now . It does still loop at the server - five times - if no updates are needed. This slows down the back - and - forth pulse without slowing down the mechanism if something changes the new data gets posted - but it checks back in every five times now starting - right now. It's not the only change i'm going to make - it was just a big one that really affected the program - it was spinning out! at the server - now it isn't!! So, super cool, it should work better - the names are still jumpy - i'm about 3/4 of the way done with the solution for that - which is really going to improve things as well. And I see the requests aren't even switching order like they are supposed to - another bug - sortof minor that one, but its non-optimal - so anyways I will be making some major improvements! Over the next few..well i just got a bunch of appraisals so days, weeks, i'm working on the game today then tomorrow i think i have to hit the appraisals grrrff but ya new game program patches real soon!

Its so cool i figured out how to check the running processes on the web server - (in bash it's the '>top' command - then >kill -9 [process id] to get rid of whatever thread's spinning out ) - there were processes going when nothing was happening - long polling was spinning out looping and going off on it's own tangent by itself, i dunno maybe it was an escaped B.H.Baby soul, I dunno, anyways I've learned some pretty good new tricks recently and especially since i began this project 7 years ago - looking back - i had built myself a 'data troubleshooting console' for Fang's profile - to troubleshoot what was going on - at the time - I didn't even know javascript had a built-in console. So much easier now. I didn't know database joins, i didn't even know what the point of php sessions was until recently i was like how do i get the facebook object from page to page OOOH SESSSSIONS i seriously ignored sessions this whole time. I get it now. That was actually why I ignored them, I didn't need them. Until I realized why I did. So anyways I have new tricks - SBR is going to get all fixed up. I want to do other game types, other rank types, expanded functionality, etc. For now, thanks for playing, Happy Games!!!

ps fav linux command to get disk usage:
>du -a --max-depth=1 . | sort -nr | more
This lists the biggest folders, then move into the biggest ones with >cd [folder name] then re-run the >du command again, there - for that folder's content's sorted. You can get to the bottom of where disk space is going, really quick, and very visually with this method - it sorts everything by size.


4 spin arounds now i just changed it again to keep the memory down, maximize the amount of simultaneous players we can have. I think there's a way to get the memory down lower still too.