names and jumpiness

So when I built SBR, according to what I was reading and working with at the time, you were supposed to write <fb:name id="bladebla" ...></fb> and request facebook to put the names on the page. Then at some point they started only sending back a certain amount and cutting it off. It didn't used to be jumpy either. Now its super jumpy and the names stop arriving after a few minutes if there's more than one player. So I'm trying to fix it. I've been setting up a name retriever for it so it can get the names as a certain request - I got it all put in there, then started thinking about the nitty gritty of exactly how am I going to make the page track 30 names no wait thousands of names since the games database actually has a lot more id's in it - the names database gets cleared out every so often - i just manually delete zero scored players who haven't been back in a while - so I slept on it- i think that was last night - this is how I solve hard problems - then got up in the morning and realized - you don't want to manage thousands of names just put in each player's name into the database as they arrive. - This is obviously the obvious single first solution - but I threw it out, originally, since people can change their names on facebook. That's half the point someone can change their name at any time and it shows up as their current name - so you DONT want to put the names in the database - unless seven years goes by and you realize wait a minute - only like three people have changed their name over the past 7 yrs - it's just not that common, or important for that matter if they do. So as a workaround to cover both bases - here's my solution - you do get put (your name) gets put into the database when you enter. And it uses that name, not get it from facebook. Until you hit the 'online' checkbox. (maybe) then it could refresh your name. and/or visiting 'player' pages could also 'refresh' the name from facebook.
So there's a tradeoff - a tradeoff of one of the original features which was always live actual names - but it's just not that important for all the complications it adds - i could finish the name retriever afterward and give it an extremely 'lazy' status or an admin app/page that updates the app each day or something. . . I definitely have come to the conclusion (at this moment) that we don't want to ask facebook for those names as often as it does - and I'm going with db name storage as the initial solution - and alternative solutions to add to it probably too. I try to keep it simple but it turned out to be a big program. I like the design though it is definitely build-on-to-able from here, once I get all the bugs patched out of it.


we got names being added to a new db starting right now - next i just have to make them get gotten back out and used instead of calling FB . . . .

This is a completed fixed bug as of 9/8/2017