April 2019

Top Favorites To fix next

  1. Links for Active Players menu for long id players (latest player) is still a bug (i'm fixing it now - known fix - quote the long ids)Fixed 201904120141
  2. the bouncy comments box is super annoying. I used to always play without the checkbox checked and now when i play with it checked i cant believe how bouncy the comments make it! I'm going to confine them.Fixed 201904201711 - I didn't confine them, I fixed it by putting a div with height next to it to keep the height while it re-loads. I don't think this is the final fix but it's better than it was, the page does't scroll back up now (at least on my screen anyway) when a new move shows up. (Feedback welcome)

  3. Top ranked players has an extraneous page 4 for no apparent reason
  4. Red error at the top of discuss - presumably drupal needs php 7
  5. Facebook complaints - presumably too many or wrong kind of api calls somewhere + fresh fb login interface

I think fixing #5 is simultaneously the fix for #4 because the my latest framework is with PHP 7 so I will work on either #3 or #5 next (#3 is quick but more boring and less important, I may do it first or just wait until after #5).


btw if you haven't refreshed f5 since yesterday refresh to have the latest fixes from yesterday (links for new players)

is the invite page with 'more' checkbox and 'online' checkbox turned on (rotating activity laser game star)

it used to work, then it broke, then i fixed it tonight.

Item 1 isnt happening . . . it was super annoying but its not happening right now i'll have to watch for what causes it because i dont see it right now

it scrolls up when the comments show up