Minor Annoyances to fix list

List of minor annoyances that need fixing but aren't particularly critical.

  • The page doesnt have to flit up and down when it goes game to game in fact it does not if you are scrolled in the middle - if you are scrolled to where the comments affect it though it will flit up and down.
  • Discuss link doesn't go to https it links to http which is incorrect and causes a problem i think i forget where

Last week ehost (hosting provider) turned into Justhost. Thats....

Last week ehost (hosting provider) turned into justhost. Thats why they dropped the ball on the SSL for the day last week, their systems were different, and they needed babying from me to make it work again. So this week i find out this new hosting company justhost wont let you point subsequent domains to folders more than two levels deep. This is a deal breaker for this hosting company because a) it shows they are imposing needless limitations b) a folder hierarchy is important i do not need to go into why they are there for a very very good reason.

latest change - possible ill side effects

just now i found and fixed an obscure bug where *sometimes if you hit 'online' nothing happens, you have to *try again** so I thought that was annoying because it happened every so often, just *didnt go online* when you hit 'online' so i figured out where it was - where I could patch it. So I did. It seems to work - except for one thing - one of the first moves I made with this version seemed to *knock me offline*.

Welcome to Super-Bomb.com Discuss

Welcome to Super-Bomb.com Discuss

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